Classical Ernesto has been a professional guitarist since he was eleven years old. He began studying classical music in High School and earned a degree in music from the University of California at Irvine in 1978. He can provide various styles of music for your event, including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Nationalistic and Flamenco.

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Mariachi Group Ernesto's Mariachi is a very popular group in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. This group has performed at every possible venue, including private parties, corporate events, and even at Texas Ranger games. They have also worked with many of the local media outlets, including 102.9 The Mix and Channel 13 PBS. The Mariachis can work from a solo to a duet, trio, quartet, and up.
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Wedding Ceremony: Ernesto has played many ceremonies over the years, and is always accomodating. He always arrives extra early because he knows how nervous wedding planners get if everything isn't Just Right! He is always consistent and will make your wedding that much more memorable.
Reception: Ernesto's Mariachi have worked hundreds of receptions. They are quick to please and will always follow your instructions and your gameplan. Whether it's a trio or bigger six piece mariachi band you desire, we can fit your needs.
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Other Services Flower-making and Tortilla-making services also available.

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